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Need to repair or replace your duct work?
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Repair vs. Replacement Costs

Generally speaking, duct repairs are going to be less expensive than replacement. Repair costs are challenging to place. Repairs often take the form of patching areas to return integrity to the system. Repairing is an excellent option if you just need to touch up air seals and connections. The cost of each repair job will come down to what needs to be repaired, how difficult it is to access, the price of individual components given your material choice, and any labor.

air duct repair & replacement

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Signs Your Airducts May Need Inspected

If you’re wondering how to know when you might have a problem with your air ducts, we’ve got a few signs you can keep an eye out for around your home. Keep in mind that regularly having your HVAC system serviced and your air ducts cleaned is a surefire way to catch any problems with your system early on. Here are a few signs you may want to have them inspected:

  1. Higher Utility Bills – Few problems around the house will have as direct an impact on your home’s energy efficiency as your air ducts. Homes with old or damaged air ducts can lose between 20 – 30% of the treated air passing through the system. Not only does that kind of loss rate mean that your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain the temperature in your home, but you’ll also have substantially higher utility costs.

  2. Excessive Dust – If your home is dusty, it may be due to a leaky air duct. A leaky air duct may allow dust from your attic to mix with the conditioned air in the duct, which is then spread throughout your home. Unfortunately, that dust isn’t just unsightly and frustrating to clean. It can affect airflow, indoor air quality and contain environmental contaminants that have settled in your attic over time. 

  3. Tears, Breaks, or Frayed Connections – An excellent way to tell if your air ducts are leaking is to simply look at them. Take a moment to visually inspect the exposed portions of your air ducts in your attic; be very mindful of doing so safely! If you can’t do so safely, consider having a professional inspection done. If you notice tears, gaps between connections, or breaks in ductwork, it can be a good indicator of a possible air duct leak.

  4. Rooms that Don’t Cool – If you have a certain room that just won’t cool down no matter how long you run your air conditioning, it can be a fairly good sign that your air ducts and vent may be the culprit. The air meant for that room could be venting into your attic, wasting your money, and cooling nothing. 

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