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Some of the leading causes of allergies are dust mites, mold, mildew, airborn bacteria and pet dander. Affordable Air can clean your vents to fight against these allergies and give you clean air to breath that's safe for you and your family. 

Overall, keeping your ducts clean is a quick and cost-effective way to help your heating and cooling system work better and last longer. 

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality and most reliable service in

the industry to help our customers      achieve better indoor air quality and to assist them in taking a proactive approach to their air system maintenance, thereby reducing the need for costly repairs and maintaining high employee productivity


We provide fiberglass and cellulose

blown-in insulation


Affordable Air is one of the leading air conditioning companies operating in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The city enjoys a dynamic weather that has hot summers, which is why having a proper air conditioning system installed in your residential and commercial facilities becomes the need of the hour.  


At Affordable Air, we work towards making your air conditioning installation an easier process. Our AC installers handle all kinds of projects to provide you a seamlessly working air conditioning system in hot weather conditions. 


We carry the most reliable and affordable brands in the industry with warrenties. We carry Carrier, Trane, Armstrong, Goodman and more! Call us to schedule a free estimate today!

  • 24 Hour Emergency Response Service

  • Water Extraction and Cleanup

  • Complete Structural Drying and Cleaning

  • Flooded Basement Clean Up

  • Damage Assessments and Free Estimates

  • Water Removal

  • Flood Damage Clean Up

  • Water Clean Up

  • Sewage Damage Clean Up

  • Water Damage Repair

  • Restoration of Fine Upholstered Goods and Woven Rugs

  • Carpet Drying and Cleaning


Even the best equipment needs occasional service. At Affordable Air, we are committed to helping our customers understand what is needed to keep their system in tip-top shape. Treat your system right and it will give you good service for a long time. You’ll not only save money on energy but you’ll also extend its lifespan and prevent you from needing early HVAC replacement. Ignore it and eventually, it will cost you – usually when you need it most.